Quickly search, find, understand, and summarize documents

Quickly search, find, understand, and summarize documents

Sick of wasting time digging through documents?

Let AskDocs give you a hand. It’s like a super smart reading helper that helps you locate relevant information your reports, contracts, financial documents, academic papers, and policy documents-in minutes!

Just upload your documents to AskDocs: PDFs, Word, Excel, EPUB, CSV, text files…even YouTube videos. It scans them fast, finds what you need, and explains it clearly.

No more document overwhelm:

  • Search it all at once: Find answers across your files and save lots of time.

  • Get reliable answers: Instant explanations and definitions of confusing terms, acronyms and concepts based on your document.

  • It understands you: Multilingual support, even if you type or speak to it.

  • Relax, AskDocs locks your stuff up tight, using trusted cloud security that keeps your info safe as can be. AskDocs prioritizes user data security and privacy, with documents remaining exclusively accessible to the uploader. Your document remains in your control.

9 out of 10 knowledge workers say tools like AskDocs help them get more done.

Ready to use the simplest way to quickly understand confusing text and get your time back?


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