A new and beautiful approach to subtle reminders

A new and beautiful approach to subtle reminders

Ever found yourself endlessly snoozing notifications for your reminders? Mindr offers an innovative new approach. Its intuitive UI integrates the progress of your reminders right on your home screen, reminding you subtly about due dates.

Unobtrusive Alerts. Mindr offers a distinctive reminder style that doesn’t bombard you with alerts. The widget quietly presents the time left for task completion, helping you manage duties without disturbance.

Seamless Task Finishing. Integrated with iOS 17, Mindr enables task completion directly from the home screen. No app launching needed; just tap to mark tasks as done, streamlining your daily activities.

Intuitive Design. Drawing inspiration from Apple’s battery widget, Mindr showcases circular elements that indicate your task timelines. Its recognizable look means you can dive in without a learning curve.

Data Privacy Is Paramount. Sleep soundly, your data is safe. Mindr refrains from storing any user data. All your information is securely housed in your personal iCloud and device, devoid of third-party involvement. That also means that you don’t have to log in or create an account. Everything is backed up by your iCloud account.

Flexible Subscription Choices. Experience basic features without a subscription. But, for an all-inclusive Mindr experience, consider the subscription tiers. Unlock Mindr’s complete suite by opting for monthly, yearly, or a one-time lifetime package. All plans renew automatically for your ease.

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