If you are anything like me, you like leaving yourself some voice notes. However, because you have to play the whole audio every time you want to recall any snippet of information, that’s not too practical.


The AI-powered tool that lets you record, upload or paste a link to turn any recording into editable transcription and summary text.

Our preferred feature is the Youtube link to text feature. I am pretty sure you’ll love it too.

Use Cases:

  • Brainstorming

  • Content creation

  • Journaling

  • Podcast Interviews

  • Meeting notes

  • Educational Notes

Features & Capabilities:

  • Feed your recordings to AudioWriter: Upload a file, paste a link Or, better yet, use your voice to speak your thoughts, ideas, or anything else straight into the app.

  • Choose your summary style: From “Clear and Simple” to “Casual email”, Audiowriter has different writing styles to summarize your recordings.

  • Translate to different languages: Record in one language and translate the output text to any of the 20+ languages supported by Audiowriter.

  • Add voice capability to your favorite workspaces: Supercharge your Notion, Google Docs and Canva apps by connecting them to Audiowriter. Your voice notes will magically be saved to your favorite workspace.


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