Automate customer interactions with custom AI agents

Automate customer interactions with custom AI agents

Automate customer interactions with custom AI agents

ChatIQ AI is one of the industries first tools built to automate customer interactions with AI, now with over 10k users since launch all reducing support tickets, emails, increasing sales, boosting conversion rates and reducing costs with custom AI agents trained on their own data.

Fully Customisable No Dev Needed:

ChatIQ AI allows you to create multiple highly customisable AI chatbots using your websites content, support docs, PDF’s, custom FAQ’s add custom AI agents to your website with a single line of code. Let it respond to web visitors questions in real-time.

Emotional Management & Human Escalation:

Manage your customers emotions effectively. Angry customers are lost business, happy customers can lead to more business. With custom commands your AI will understand emotions, for example sending a calendar link to an angry customer, and a trustpilot link to a happy one.

Build custom workflows:

Start with a template IF/ELSE prompt in the public library. You can design custom decision trees for your AI agent to follow,

eg: IF ANGRY: Send the user a link to a calendly meeting with a support rep

IF HAPPY: Collect a review from the customer and send them a trustpilot link.

Understand Your Customer In Real Time:

Imagine if we could see into the brain of every visitor on our website. With a ChatIQ chatbot you can see exactly what questions your customers have, the issues with your ite or product, all in real time as the conversations are happening.

Create Templates:

Build once, use unlimited times. You can create custom prompts and commands for your chatbots, altering how they manage interactions. All custom prompts are saved in your private library, ready for you to use on any new chatbot build. Use the came customisations across your/ your clients chatbots.


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