Automate your customer support with ChatGPT

SiteSpeakAI lets you create a custom-trained AI support chatbot using your content, support docs, PDFs, API, or database. Then, you can add it to your website with a single line of code to respond to your visitor’s questions in real time andΒ reduce your support tickets.

πŸ”Œ Connect to Zapier, Slack and more:

Connect your trained ChatGPT chatbot to Zapier’s 6000+ apps, Slack, and more. Or use the API to integrate with your tools.

πŸ’° Find your best leads:

See who’s chatting with your chatbot and what questions they’re asking in real-time. You can also live chat with your visitors. Voice recognition supported.

πŸ€– Let ChatGPT use your API:

Let your chatbot use your API or database to answer questions. This means your chatbot can answer questions about your product catalog, your customer database, order statuses and more.

πŸ’» Install in seconds:

Install SiteSpeakAI on your website in seconds by pasting a single line of code.

πŸ“ˆ See how your chatbot is performing:

See how your chatbot is performing with our analytics dashboard. See how many conversations your chatbot is having, how many questions it’s answering, and more.


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