Embrace simplicity and power with blogstatic – the blogging tool that lets you focus on content, not complexity.

Simplify Your Blogging Experience

blogstatic is the ultimate platform for bloggers who yearn for simplicity without sacrificing functionality. Built for speed and designed with a minimalist aesthetic, it is SEO-ready and comes packed with essential tools like Newsletters & Analytics. blogstatic stands as the preferred choice for bloggers ranging from individual hobbyists to large-scale professional sites.

Effortless Blog Creation

Launching a blog has never been faster or easier. blogstatic provides a user-friendly dashboard and intuitive analytics, ensuring your blog is not only simple to set up but also effective in reaching your audience. Trusted by a myriad of diverse blogs, from Boathouse Abnormal Domains to Underdog Accelerator, this versatile tool has proven its adaptability and ease of use.

Robust Features for Content Creation

blogstatic’s WYSIWYG editor replicates your content as it will appear upon publishing, eliminating the guesswork and constant refreshing. With the option to use free subdomains or connect a custom domain, and the ability to serve your blog on a subdirectory of your main domain, flexibility is at your fingertips.

Zero Coding Required

blogstatic removes the barrier of technical expertise. No coding is needed; everything is set up and ready to use from the start, including on-site SEO, to help your content rank higher.

Fully-Featured Hosting Solutions

Hosting is part of the package, powered by 100% green energy, ensuring that your blog is not just fast, but also environmentally conscious. A free SSL certificate accompanies each blog, enhancing security and trust.

Engage and Organize

Categories, translations, themes, and pagination features allow for a tailored user experience, while the ability to add authors promotes collaborative writing. Scheduled posts, related posts, and pinned posts improve content visibility and engagement.

Interact with Your Readers

blogstatic includes subscriber features, allowing you to build a readership and send out newsletters. Simple stats give insights into post popularity, and private posts offer exclusive content to subscribers.

Customization and Control

Advanced settings provide extensive customization options, from layout changes to code injections. Your blog, your rules.

Reliability and Ownership

Constant backups protect your content, ensuring that your blog and posts remain secure. You own your content, with blogstatic serving as a seamless facilitator for your blogging journey.

Migration and Integration

Easily import content from other platforms and take advantage of automated sitemap updates. Integrate third-party scripts for comprehensive analytics and leverage the built-in RSS feed for broader content distribution.

Discover the most straightforward, versatile blogging tool available.


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