Boost conversions using tailored, dynamic interactive videos

Sharelo empowers you to drive conversions through immersive, interactive videos. By personalizing and tailoring each video for its viewer, you can transform the way you communicate with your customers.


  • Engage: Craft branching video stories from bite-sized clips, letting audiences navigate and connect. This creates a captivating experience, ensuring they stay hooked.

  • Convert: Convert viewers right from the videos. Whether it’s embedding calendars or capturing leads, Sharelo’s player offers smooth conversions without unnecessary redirections.

  • Share: Ensure your videos reach their intended audience. From emails to QR codes, to social media – Sharelo offers versatile sharing options. Plus, embed directly on your website or use floating widgets to grab attention.

  • Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your audience. With interactive videos, track individual interactions and aggregate audience behaviors. Let viewer choices guide your strategy.

  • Capture: Collect feedback directly from viewers. Use in-video modals to gather text or video responses without disrupting the viewing experience.

  • Flexibility: Opt between text or video steps. Start with text for simplicity and, if needed, transition to video, ensuring the best experience for your viewers.

  • Efficiency: Create impeccable videos using Sharelo’s integrated teleprompter. Script in advance and record with ease, resonating perfectly with your audience.

Use Cases:

  • Engage in interactive video messaging.

  • Replicate successful sales pitches.

  • Nurture leads and close deals timely.

  • Employ personalized account-based marketing.

  • Welcome users with video widgets.

  • Send out interactive video newsletters.

Boost your sales and marketing efforts by engaging in meaningful video conversations with Sharelo.


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