Build custom ChatGPT bots with your own OpenAI API key

Build custom ChatGPT bots with your own OpenAI API key

Don’t pay for expensive monthly subscriptions or even ChatGPT Plus, just connect your data sources and build custom ChatGPT Bots in minutes. Share as link or embed on your website, supports PDF, DOC, CSV, XLS, XLSX, PPT, Links, Databases & Zapier.

AnswerFlow AI is the most affordable & easy way to build Custom AI Bots for business & personal use.

Key Features of AnswerFlow AI:

  1. Easy SDK Creation: Users can effortlessly generate Software Development Kits in multiple programming languages, facilitating integration into diverse software ecosystems.

  2. Customizable Documentation: The platform offers adaptable documentation features, including the option to hide internal APIs, add deprecation warnings, and create integration guides.

  3. Developer-Friendly Chatbot: A unique feature is a chatbot that allows developers to request SDK code snippets in natural language, simplifying the development process.

  4. Upcoming Request Chaining: AnswerFlow AI plans to introduce a Request Chaining feature to build common API workflows, potentially reducing the need for extensive API guides.

  5. API Discovery and Marketing: The service includes a directory for users to discover APIs, serving as a marketing platform for API providers.

  6. Free Access and Quick Setup: The platform offers free signup and promises an easy setup process. A free SDK generator is also available on GitHub.

  7. Customization and Flexibility: Users can customize various code aspects, providing flexibility in API integration.

  8. Pricing and Licensing: AnswerFlow AI offers a lifetime access package for $299, which includes unlimited bots, documents, links, chats, website embeds, link sharing, and one year of updates. Users must provide their own OpenAI API key.

  9. Enterprise Solutions: The platform caters to enterprise needs with customized solutions and support.

  10. Community and Support: It offers a range of resources, including FAQs, blogs, and policies on refunds, terms, privacy, security, and compliance.

In summary, AnswerFlow AI is positioned as an AI-powered tool for creating personalized chatbots, aimed at enhancing business processes and data management. It offers a user-friendly, customizable, and cost-effective solution for businesses and developers looking to leverage AI chatbots in their operations.


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