Chat with any PDF on your Mac

Chat with any PDF on your Mac

PDF Pals is a macOS native app that lets users interact and chat with PDF documents, without the hassle of uploads or file size limitations. Utilizing powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, it can even process scanned PDFs and complex forms.

Key Features:

Speed: As a native macOS application, PDF Pals ensures optimal performance.

Security: All documents remain on your Mac. No uploads. API keys are securely stored in the Apple Keychain.

Privacy: No in-app analytics. Training data and other information remain stored locally.

Flexibility: Supports multiple API providers like OpenAI, Azure OpenAI Service, and OpenRouter.

Storage: All user data is stored in a local SQLite database.

Compatibility: Requires macOS Ventura 13 or later.

Many users, including researchers, legal professionals, and software developers, have found PDF Pals immensely beneficial in quickly extracting important information from their documents.


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