ChatGPT localization tool for developers

ChatGPT localization tool for developers

The most proficient editor for localization files, enabling automatic localization of projects developed in various programming tools like XCode, Java, Android Studio, .NET, Unity, and Flutter. Make your localization processes more effortless and cost-effective. It is powered by OpenAI’s most advanced GPT models.

Whether you’re using Xcode, .NET, Java, Android Studio, Unity, or Flutter, Auto Localizeseamlessly integrates into your workflow. It supports standard localization formats like XLIFF and XCLOC, as well as other development tool-specific localization file formats such as RESX, ARB, STRINGS, PROPERTIES, XML or JSON. You can edit these files manually or automatically localize them through the GPT Localization service powered by the OpenAI API.

Localize your projects and files in the fastest way possible with the automatic processing feature. Harness the power of OpenAI’s highly proficient GPT models for translations. Rapidly make your applications support multiple languages and expand your target audience. Minimize the effort you spend on keeping your versions updated in different languages.


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