Chief Tools

Chief Tools is a collection of tools helping you build, deploy and monitor your applications:

  • Cert Chief: Monitor your domains for expired certificates and bad configuration. Checks for certificate expiration, DNS problems, and so much more.

  • Deploy Chief: Deploy your applications with zero downtime from GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket to your servers. Built for PHP, optimized for Laravel.

  • Tny: Shorten URL’s, redirect your own domains and even bring your own branded domain. Shorten using our API, integrations or manually.

  • Bill.DO: Get insights in your DigitalOcean spending. Imports all billable resources and gives you insights and alerting on usage changes.

  • Package Trends: Compare package downloads across languages and ecosystems like Packagist, PyPI, Hex, npm & WordPress.

  • Utilities: Collection of utilities, from a JSON formatter to a pasteboard to decoding base64 strings all the way to DNS/WHOIS lookups.


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