Convert text in to speech in any language and download as MP3 or WAV audio files

Convert text in to speech in any language and download as MP3 or WAV audio files

Verbatik is an AI-powered Text to speech generation platform that offers a range of features for converting text into natural-sounding speech. Here are the key benefits and features of Verbatik for end users:

  1. Instant Text to Speech Conversion: With just a few clicks, users can convert text into natural-sounding speech. This feature is valuable for anyone needing quick and efficient text-to-speech services.

  2. Download Options: The platform allows users to download audio in MP3 and WAV formats, providing high-quality and versatile audio files for various applications.

  3. Extensive Voice Library: Over 600 AI-generated, natural-sounding voices are available, offering various options for different text-to-speech needs.

  4. Support for Multiple Languages: Verbatik supports 142 languages and accents, catering to a broad audience and various linguistic needs.

  5. Customizable Voices: Users can customize the emotion and tone of the voices, allowing for personalized speech outputs tailored to specific requirements.

  6. Commercial and Broadcast Rights: The service includes commercial and broadcast rights, making it suitable for professional and wide-reaching audio distribution.

  7. Unlimited Revisions: Users can make unlimited revisions to their voiceovers, ensuring the final product meets their exact specifications.

  8. AI Voice Customization: Full customization of AI voices, including rate, pitch, volume, and pronunciation, is available.

  9. Microsoft Store App: Easy access through the Microsoft Store app enhances user convenience.

  10. Simple and Powerful Editor: A user-friendly text-to-speech editor, along with a sound studio and full set of SSML features, enables users to merge and enhance audio results effectively.

  11. Data Organization and Preservation: Users can organize and preserve their text-to-speech data for efficient management and reuse.

  12. API Integration: The platform offers simple API integration for seamless use with various applications.

  13. Diverse Use Cases: Verbatik is suitable for marketing, educational applications, multimedia presentations, customer service automation, voice commerce, podcasting, and audio content creation.

  14. Affordable Plans: The platform offers a range of pricing plans to suit different user needs, from free trials to enterprise-level options.

Verbatik is designed to cater to a wide range of audio content creation needs, offering ease of use, customization, and a broad range of languages and voices. Its versatility makes it suitable for various applications, from professional content creation to personal use.


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