Helios delivers best in class business text messaging. Turn your leads into customers. Helios provides all the tools to help you craft perfect SMS campaigns and automate the rest.

Helios is a dynamic and efficient platform for text message marketing, designed to transform the way businesses interact with their customers. With Helios, you can build strategic contact lists that update in real time and seamlessly integrate your CRM data. This integration facilitates the creation of dynamic segments, allowing for the automation of messages when a contact enters or exits a segment, delivering highly targeted and timely messages​​.

Our platform is particularly adept at crafting effective SMS campaigns, offering a suite of tools to help you turn leads into customers. The emphasis is on automation, enabling you to set up campaigns that run smoothly without constant manual intervention​​.

For on-the-go access and management, Helios offers a mobile app available on the iOS App Store. This app mirrors the capabilities of our online platform, offering fast, secure, and powerful SMS marketing tools, with the added convenience of being accessible from your mobile device​​.

Additionally, Helios recognizes the importance of SMS remarketing, a strategy often overlooked in business campaigns. This process involves targeting marketing collateral to individuals who have previously interacted with your website or storefront, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion through personalized communication​​.

All features of Helios are designed to enable fast, personal, and targeted customer communication. The platform supports a variety of functionalities, including sending blast messages to specific audience segments, setting up automated replies, engaging in one-on-one conversations, and offering coupon codes and QR codes. These features are included in every plan, ensuring that you have a comprehensive set of tools to enhance your SMS marketing efforts​​.


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