Manta PR Slack Notifier

Streamline Collaboration, Supercharge Productivity ⚡️

MantaPR’s simple and lean app allows teams to view pull request statuses on Slack without getting spammed with notifications. Our aim is to simplify PR notifications and our app improves a tiny piece of your team’s workflow but its impact and significance are profound!


😌 Effortless PR Tracking – Easily identify PRs that have not been checked yet, so you can stay on top of your code reviews effortlessly.

⚡️ Realtime PR status – MantaPR updates your Slack messages with the latest PR status, no spam, no fuss.

👨‍💻 Repository -> Slack channel mapping – Your repositories can notify to different slack channels, perfect for teams working on different things!

🔒 Simply Secure – We do not have access to your code and we don’t have access to your slack messages.

💸 Save time and money – Creating what we’ve already built in-house would cost you a huge amount of $$$ in DevOps salary.

🤷🏽‍♂️ It just makes sense – If you are using Github and Slack, there’s no reason not to use MantaPR.


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