My AI Front Desk

My AI Front Desk

Pick up the phone, schedule appointments, and answer questions after business hours with My AI Front Desk’s 24/7 phone receptionist. Never miss a phone call again for just $54.99 / Month.


  • Answers the phone 24/7, even after hours

  • Talks like a human

  • Schedules appointments

  • Customized knowledge base

  • Transfers calls (i.e. “transfer the user to +1XXXXXXX whenever they ask about billing”)

  • Speaks multiple languages

  • Comprehensive admin dashboard to view call logs

  • Affordable pricing (100x Cheaper than a real receptionist)


  • Never Miss Out Again: Capture every call and appointment around the clock. Decide to reroute all or only missed calls to the AI receptionist.

  • Customized For You: Equip your AI Receptionist with comprehensive knowledge of your enterprise for precise and insightful customer interactions.

  • Seamless Integrations: Effortlessly sync with top scheduling tools. Say goodbye to juggling between platforms.

  • Set Up In a Snap: Go live with your AI Receptionist in mere minutes. Modify greetings or knowledge anytime.

  • Data at Your Fingertips: Access call transcripts, messaging records, and voicemails right from your admin console. Strategically export caller data for targeted promotions.

Why Choose My AI Front Desk

  • Rapid Deployment: Invest just five minutes to safeguard your revenue and capture every potential opportunity.

  • Flexibility: Revamp greetings or information as your business evolves.

Effortless Conversion

  • Snag Every Call: Stay ahead 24/7. Don’t let potential leads shift to rivals due to unattended calls.

  • Transform Into Bookings: Empower the AI to share your bespoke booking URL, turning missed calls into profit.

  • Insightful Analysis: Dive into the Admin Dashboard for a detailed understanding of customer interactions.

  • Promote & Upsell: Export leads and employ call insights to craft custom promotions or upselling schemes.

Convert missed calls into loyal clients. My AI Front Desk — Where efficiency meets innovation.


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