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Over 40,000 users have built AI assistants already with My AskAI, creating their AI assistants in minutes, without code.

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Simply connect your Google Drive, Notion, website or just upload PDFs, Word docs, txt files or CSVs to train your own AI assistant so it only knows your content (and won’t make things up).

Then, use it where you need it, with our native integrations for Slack, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Zapier, Bubble, WordPress, links or add it to your site as an embed or chat widget.

Use it to:

  • Create a customer support chatbot that answers your visitor questions and collect leads

  • Access your team’s knowledge more efficiently by uploading your company processes and docs and then integrating it into Slack or Teams so colleagues can get instant answers

  • Carry out research and your studies so you can spend less time searching in libraries and more time on the important bits


  • Uploads from Google Drive, Notion, websites, PDFs, Word, txt, CSV

  • Native integrations with Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, Zapier, Bubble, WordPress

  • Website embeds and sharing links

  • Summarize functionality

  • Fully customizable and personalizable UI

  • Smart, AI-generated follow-on questions for users to encourage conversation

  • GDPR compliant

  • Multilingual in 95 languages

  • GPT-3.5 or GPT-4

  • Custom domains

  • Question analytics

  • Email and name capture

  • Answer corrections

  • Full suite of APIs for full white-labeling

Ready to use the simplest way to build a full-featured AI assistant?


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