Ship your mobile apps faster with the React Native boilerplate

Ship your mobile apps faster with the React Native boilerplate

LaunchToday™ is the ultimate React Native boilerplate for building and launching mobile apps fast. Unlike other boilerplates that often focus on less critical aspects such as state management, UI components, and animation, this starter pack focuses on the features that truly matter to both your customers and you as a developer.

What sets the pack apart is the emphasis on fundamental and modern features essential for building high quality apps:

  • Payments: Integrated with Stripe, offering your users a reliable and secure payment experience 💸

  • Authentication: Incorporated Sign in with Apple, Google, and Magic Links through Supabase, ensuring user accessibility and security 🔐

  • Database: Utilises a Postgres database and a storage bucket in Supabase for efficient data saving and retrieval 📀

  • Analytics: Leverages Aptabase for in-depth analytics, gaining valuable insights into user behaviour and feature performance 📈

  • Monitoring: Employs Sentry for real-time app monitoring, ensuring the health and performance of your application 🚨

Whether you’re an indie hacker looking to start a new project, or an ambitious startup trying to get your app to your users quickly, the React Native Starter Pack™ is the go-to solution for getting your app off the ground, fast! 🚀


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