Supasnap is a super quick and easy web tool to capture and make screenshots less boring and give them a cooler touch. Crafted especially for indie hackers and entrepreneurs seeking stunning visuals to narrate their journey. No registration required, no installs.

✅ How it works:

  1. Capture, Upload or Paste an screenshot

  2. Personalize your background, paddings, borders, shadows and add annotations

  3. Save, Export to Image or Copy to Clipboard

  4. Share your design on your preferred social platforms.

⭐️ Key Features

  • Capture: Capture any window, tab, or screen of your computer.

  • Position: Tailor the position of your capture.

  • Margins and Spaces: Fine-tune the margins and spaces.

  • Shadow: Add a shadow and personalize its color, blur, offset x, and offset y.

  • Background: Jazz up your capture with solid colors, gradients, or images.

  • Rounded edges: Round off the edges for a sleek look.

  • Border: Frame your capture with a stylish border.

  • Aspect ratio: Optimize your capture for any social media platform.

  • Browser mockup: Add a browser mockup with light or dark mode.

  • Annotations: Add annotations like boxes, circles, lines, arrows, text, emojis or freehand drawings.

  • Export: Export your design in various formats (JPG, PNG, WEBP and Copy to Clipboard).

  • Save: Save your designs for future editing sessions.

  • Share: Share directly on your socials.

  • Fully private: Supasnap runs 100% locally in your browser. We only keep your snap on our server when you save it.


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