Table Generator

Table Generator is a graphical editor to create, design and customize beautiful tables online.

The designed tables can be exported in different formats, e.g. PNG, JPEG, SVG, CSV, Markdown or HTML + TailwindCSS code.

Design Features

The design capabilities of Table Generator are vast. Opt for your preferred table layout and tailor it to your specific needs. Adjust columns, rows, table width, and line height for optimal content presentation. Further refine your table’s look with text alignment, font choices, border stylings, and even the option for rounded corners.

Data Privacy

Data security is paramount. With Table Generator, you can manually input data into various table cells with absolute peace of mind. We prioritize your privacy; thus, none of your data gets stored on our servers. All processes are handled on the client side, ensuring confidentiality.

Export Options

When it comes to exporting, Table Generator has you covered. Choose from diverse formats like PNG, JPEG, SVG, CSV, and even Markdown. For those building web applications, an option to download the table’s HTML and TailwindCSS source code is available, making integration a breeze.

Use Cases

Table Generator isn’t just for data representation. Bloggers and content creators can elevate their content, incorporating beautifully crafted tables into blogs, websites, or presentations. Developers, too, can benefit. Design a table, export the source code, and implement the HTML & TailwindCSS into your projects. From static and time tables to weekly planners and price tables, the possibilities are endless.


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