Turn any YouTube video into your personal tutor

Turn any YouTube video into your personal tutor


Turn any YouTube video into your personal tutor


35% off monthly

$5.85 $9 / monthly
You save $3.15

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$38.5 $70 / annual
You save $31.5

35% off monthly

$7.8 $12 / monthly
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ClipTutor is like having a personal tutor for online content. It transforms YouTube videos into engaging learning experiences with real-time discussions, customizable quizzes, and AI support.

Whether you’re a learner or educator, it adapts to your needs, supporting multiple languages, media uploads, and integration with Quizlet and Kahoot. Upcoming features like Timestamp-Based AI Quizzes add even more convenience. ClipTutor is not just a tool; it’s the future of personalized and efficient online learning.

Key features of Cliptutor include:

  1. Interactive Learning with YouTube Videos: The platform allows users to turn any YouTube video into an interactive learning experience. Users can chat, ask questions, and engage with fellow learners directly through the video interface.

  2. Custom Quizzes and Flashcards: Cliptutor enables the transformation of video content into quizzes and flashcards, allowing users to customize their study materials according to their learning style.

  3. Multi-Language Support: The platform supports multiple languages, making it accessible to learners worldwide.

  4. Uploading MP3/MP4 Files: Users can expand their learning resources by importing audio and video files.

  5. Integration with Quizlet and Kahoot: This feature, which is coming soon, will allow users to integrate Quizlet’s study resources and Kahoot’s interactive quiz platform to create engaging, competitive quizzes.

  6. Timestamp-Based AI Quizzes: Also an upcoming feature, this tool will enable the automatic generation of quizzes aligned with the video’s content, eliminating the need for manual video analysis.

  7. Chat & Create Quizzes from Web Content: Users can paste the URL of any website, article, or blog post to start chatting and create quizzes on its content.

Cliptutor aims to make the educational journey smoother and more effective by leveraging AI and interactive tools to engage with digital content.

Welcome to a new way of exploring and understanding content with ClipTutor.


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