Turns your rough notes into finished drafts with AI on macOS

Turns your rough notes into finished drafts with AI on macOS

Writers Brew is an AI writing assistant that integrates with various platforms, aiming to improve users’ writing workflow.

Here’s an overview of its features and functionalities:

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Writers Brew works across all browsers, native apps, and Electron apps, designed to aid users who switch between different writing environments.

  • Writing Assistance: The app helps transform rough notes into polished drafts, enhances writing speed and quality, and can turn any text editor into an AI-powered one.

  • Built-in OCR: It includes OCR technology to extract and transform text from image.

  • Cost-Effective: It’s more affordable compared to similar services, especially when users provide their own OpenAI key.

  • Versatility in Writing Tasks: It can rewrite content, improve text quality, craft responses to messages, summarize information, explain complex ideas simply, and translate text between languages.

  • Multiple Access Methods: Writers Brew can be accessed via a Raycast-like menu with a keyboard shortcut, a chat interface with quick presets, or a menubar icon.

  • Integration with Email: It can generate text and create drafts directly within email clients.

  • Snippet Feature: The app allows users to save time by utilizing snippets, akin to the TextExpander app, to automate repetitive writing tasks.

  • PopClip Integration: For users of PopClip, Writers Brew enhances its functionality by enabling AI-assisted transformations of selected texts.

Writers Brew is a versatile and efficient tool for various writing tasks, suitable for both experienced writers and those just starting out.


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