Urlbox allows developers, designers and no-coders to quickly generate screenshots, PDFs and a whole lot more from a simple URL.

  • Flexible, highly accurate screenshots – Our custom algorithm is able to render pixel perfect viewport, single-element and full page screenshots from URLs or HTML.

  • Automatically remove cookie banners/popups – Simply add hide_cookie_banners:true to your screenshot requests 🙂

  • URL to PDF and HTML to PDF – Use the same API to generate PDFs such as invoices, certificates or for website archiving.

  • GPU rendering – Even the most demanding websites are able to be rendered on a powerful GPU by Urlbox.

  • Extract metadata and markdown – You can also use Urlbox to return metadata about a URL, and even the fully loaded HTML itself. If you prefer, we will also convert it to markdown for you.

  • MP4 – Get a scrolling video of a website to show off those scroll-linked animations.

  • Zapier integration – Use all of Zapiers integrations to push URLs to Urlbox and get screenshots back, whether your URLs are stored in Google Sheets, Excel, Airtable or anywhere else.

  • Save to your own cloud storage – We allow you to store screenshots and other renders to your own, private cloud storage.

In summary, URLbox is an API service designed to convert URLs and HTML into various formats like screenshots, PDFs, videos, and extract text, HTML, and metadata. This tool can be utilized in several ways, serving multiple industries with its versatile functionalities.


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