Use AI to turn content into viral videos, FAST.

Use AI to turn content into viral videos, FAST.

DataVids is designed for the website owner who wants their content to go viral but HATES spending hours working on video editing. DataVids makes it easy, fast and cheap to take your existing content and turn it into a TikTok style video. Use our AI to generate the basic template of a video from any URL and then make a few tweaks and within about a minute you have a video ready to post and hopefully go viral.

Here are some of its key features:

  1. Easy Video Creation: DataVids allows for quick video production without the need for programming or video editing skills. Users can create videos in just minutes with a few clicks, ready for posting on social media​​.

  2. Features for Video Generation: The platform offers a range of features to facilitate video creation:

    • Speed and Simplicity: Videos can be created swiftly and with minimal effort.

    • Content Customization: Users can create top-N lists or detailed showcases using their own content, with control over durations and text display.

    • Branding Options: Multiple fonts and color schemes are available to align videos with brand identity.

    • Generated Voiceovers: Auto-generated voiceovers are available to streamline the video production process.

    • Simple Pricing: DataVids operates on a pay-as-you-go credit system, without subscription fees​​.

  3. Accessibility and Quality: The service is crafted for a wide range of users, from businesses to influencers and bloggers. It emphasizes the ability to consistently create high-quality videos, with features like easy data input, the option to use APIs, video cloning, and developer-friendly tools​​.

  4. Affordable Pricing Structure: DataVids employs a simple and affordable pricing model. Users pay for what they use, with credits starting at a low price. The platform offers initial free credits and a straightforward system where each credit corresponds to a specific amount of video rendering or use of the AI URL to video feature​​.

DataVids positions itself as a user-friendly, efficient tool for content creators and businesses looking to expand their digital presence through video content, without the complexities of traditional video editing.


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