An easy-to-use digital friend and organizer for your iPhone and iPad

An easy-to-use digital friend and organizer for your iPhone and iPad

Meet DailyFlow, an easy-to-use digital friend and organizer for your everyday life!

Born from personal needs and embraced by friends, DailyFlow quickly evolved into everyone’s favorite organizer. We’re excited to share it with you, turning everyday task management into an easy way to organize your day.

Start each day with Your Day View – your one-stop hub for all tasks at hand for the current day. Turn your chores into milestones with reminders and notifications, and attach locations for appointment details, including weather information and images. Categorize your tasks into different lists to create a sense of order that suits your style. From daily chores to weekly goals and monthly projects, set up recurring tasks and never miss a thing.

Journey through your day with ease and balance and accomplish your goals.

■ View all of your tasks and appointments in one place in Your Day View.

■ Organize tasks for today, tomorrow, next week, this month, and the months ahead.

■ Create tasks with titles, notes, due dates, and times for clarity.

■ Stay on top of things with timely reminders and notifications.

■ Attach appointment locations and addresses to your task for easy navigation.

■ Get weather information related to your task locations.

■ Sort your tasks into lists for better organization.

■ Set up recurring tasks daily, weekly, or monthly.

■ Never miss important tasks by setting crucial deadlines.

■ Remember vital details by adding images to your tasks.

■ Personalize tasks with colored backgrounds for easy identification.

■ Archive completed tasks for future reference and reuse.

■ Keep track of your progress

DailyFlow can be used with limited functionality without subscription. To use the full version of DailyFlow with all features, there are two subscription options. Choose between a monthly or yearly subscription or a one-time purchase option without recurring payment. Subscriptions are automatically renewed and can be cancelled at any time. For information on the terms of use, see the Apple EULA ( legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula).

Reach out with questions or feedback anytime at or on Twitter @dailyflowapp.


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