Find great opportunities from search keywords

Find great opportunities from search keywords

Hello, I’m Ricky, the creator of GoTrends. I’m excited to introduce this app to you.

As an independent developer, I encountered two primary challenges:

  1. Decision-making: With an abundance of ideas, I was uncertain about which ones would truly meet user needs.

  2. User acquisition: Navigating SEO and search ads seemed daunting and costly.

I understand that many of you might face similar issues.

Drawing on my decade of marketing experience, I developed GoTrends to address these challenges. Let me explain how GoTrends tackles them.

GoTrends gathers search keyword data from Google over the last 48 months. It allows you to view the search volume, competition, and CPC price for each keyword. This data is insightful because every Google search reflects a genuine user need. Analyzing keyword trends helps us grasp people’s evolving needs and their increase or decrease. For instance, if keywords related to an idea have low or declining search volume, or if the competition is high, it might be wise to reconsider that idea.

Regarding user acquisition, organic traffic from Google and the App Store is precise and cost-free. This traffic hinges on keywords. Identifying keywords with high search volume but low competition and CPC can be invaluable. GoTrends excels in this area, identifying thousands of related keywords for one search term. This helps in creating effective SEO and ASO pages, or in developing search ad campaigns for Google Ads and Apple Ads. Without GoTrends, generating such an extensive list of related keywords would be challenging.

More keywords equate to more traffic.

GoTrends is now accessible on iPhone/iPad and Mac with Apple Silicon (M series chips). You can download it from the App Store.

Thank you!


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