Chat with your web pages and documents

Chat with your web pages and documents

Unlock the power of AI directly in your Chrome browser with Wintermute AI, the intelligent assistant that revolutionises how you interact with web content. From in-depth research to quick information retrieval, Wintermute AI is your go-to tool for smarter browsing.

Free-To-Use: Explore Smarter, for Free – Unleash the Power of AI with Wintermute AI, Your No-Cost Web Assistant!

Google Docs Support: Works with yours Google documents.

Contextual Understanding: Effortlessly comprehend complex articles. Wintermute AI breaks down intricate topics into easy-to-digest summaries.

Interactive Q&A: Have questions? Get precise, context-aware answers in real-time.

Seamless Integration: Works harmoniously with your daily browsing without interruptions on any webpage that you’re browsing.

Voice Interaction: Ask questions not only by chat text, but using voice. Voice recognition technology understands natural language, making interactions feel as smooth and natural as talking to a friend.

Privacy-First Policy: Your chat conversations stored locally in your browser storage.

For any questions please reach us: [email protected]


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