Build your data layer in record time:

  • Say goodbye to Postgres!

  • Forget MySQL!

  • No more MongoDB hassles!

  • Store all your application data seamlessly in the cloud and retrieve it anytime, from anywhere.

Features that Shine

  1. Secure HTTP API: Interact with your application data with confidence! Wherever you might be, whatever language you wield, harness your data through simple, yet secure HTTP requests.

  2. Client Libraries: Already using Node.js? We’ve got you! Try out our official Crudly NPM package for a hassle-free experience. And don’t fret, more language support is on its way!

  3. Web App for Seamless Management: No need to juggle multiple platforms. With the Crudly web app, manage all your data from the comfort of your browser. Create, read, update, and delete any entities, all within a slick interface.

Perfect for developers aiming for efficiency, security, and simplicity. Don’t just be CRUD, be Crudly!


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