Docs AI

DocsAI lets you train your documents, chat with your documents, and create chatbots that solves queries for you and your users in the most affordable way. Now you can easily find anything you search for in your documents.

Key Features

  • Data Sources : Add as many websites, text, pdfs, docx you want. We’re constantly adding new data sources every month and just start chating on anything that has browser & javascript.

  • Customize Companion : You can customize the way your AI companion looks, matching your brand colors, initial setups and embed in your websites or connect with slack to act as your knowledge base.

  • Parity Pricing : We support Parity Purchasing Power, so everyone will have an equal opportunity of using DocsAI. Right now we offer parity power on BASIC plan. Just ping us on Twitter or Email to get the same offers on other plans.

More Features

  • Doubling down as chat agent : Embed chat widget to any website you want. You can also share a link that others can use.

  • Get summary, insights & leads : Get summary of each conversation, mood of the users and identify users to generate leads.

  • Export chats & Unlimited conversations : Analyze your chat data to identify trends and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Mobile Friendly : DocsAI is completely manageable in mobile, you can start , analyse conversations on the go!

Learn everything about DocsAI – DocsAI Knowledge


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